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Fail-proof Pickup Trick

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Here’s a fail-proof pickup trick to use on the street for you guys lacking day game. It mixes a tried-and-true element of attraction with a small – but unique – addition for a little extra awesomeness. I tried it this past weekend, and it worked perfectly.

First of all, hit the streets during the day and go to a busy intersection. Instead of crossing the street with the masses, just hang back about 10 feet and look like you have a very good purpose for standing there (i.e., look confident). Try to make eye-contact with those women you find attractive. They won’t all look at you, but you just need one.

When a hottie finally gives you strong eye contact, give her a smile. She’ll probably break eye-contact, but stick with it. If she looks back at you, then she’s interested.

So far, this is all basic stuff.

The twist comes with you letting her walk on by. Trust me, your patience will pay off. Let her walk by and out of sight for about a minute. During this time, she’s thinking how cool it was to see an attractive man show interest in her, but is regretting that nothing came of it. She’s wishing she could go back in time and redo the last few moments.

I hope you’re wearing comfortable shoes, because now you have to run or walk quickly to catch up with her and provide her with that second chance.

Once you’ve caught up with her, feign a bit of breathlessness to show you’re really inspired to talk with her. Say something like, “You know, I saw you a few blocks back, and I really regretted not saying hello. I know this might sound crazy, but I really wanted to meet you.”

She’ll probably be flattered by this. (After all, she did already show interest in her repeated eye-contact, so you’re pretty safe in assuming she’s interested.) She’ll laugh and introduce herself.

Tell her you were on your way to get a drink at a local bar/restaurant and invite her to come along. If she refuses, then at least get her number.

And there you go.

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